Once you decide we’re for you, here’s how it works:

We take you through a simple process. Complicated isn’t our style.


We haul out our giant microscope and get to know you on a cellular level. We want to completely understand you, your company, your vision, your clients , your buyers, your prospects, your needs, and whether you prefer yellow or Dijon mustard. (Lunch is important too!) That way, we understand your goals, your challenges, what has worked and what has not. And most of all, what you love and what you don’t. 


Let the design process begin! This part is about flow, aesthetics, function, and engagement. We develop concepts, share ideas, invite yours, listen to feedback, tweak, fine-tune, polish and voila! An extraordinary exhibit that is a sensation.


Last but DEFINITELY NOT least, it’s performance time. We build it, we test it, we break it down, we bring it to the venue, we set it up, we test it again, we make sure everyone is in full make up, on their marks, and knows their lines, then we raise the curtain. Which is when you… SHOW UP.