“I just want to thank you and everyone on the Nimlok Minnesota team that helped make our new booth the talk of the show. It worked perfectly for launching our new product. The excitement around our new product was bolstered by the statement of our booth. The digital space was especially effective. We also had numerous exhibitors come check out our booth and extend lots of compliments. A couple wanted to know who designed our booth, and, of course, we passed along your name, happily!”— john vitek, president and ceo, st. mary’s press

“Our company went through a merger and we needed a rebranded exhibit with additional features to better accommodate our growing needs. Nimlok Minnesota was up to the challenge, and what they were able to do for us was nothing short of amazing.”— Rhonda Hess, Cogentix Medical

“I just wanted to reach out and say Thank You to all of you for the awesome experience that went with building this booth display. We received countless praise and appreciation and even heard from a few people who never even knew that we were at the show before! That goes to show how important a statement can be made at a trade show. Your supervisor did a great job on his end, and everything Customer Service lined up for us was seamless! I could not have asked for an easier, more stress-free show.”— Mac Blais, Marketing Manager, Dakota Bodies

“We knew our project was going to present unique design challenges, so when it came to selecting our trade show supplier we went with one we could trust to get the job done. Nimlok Minnesota never wavered from our vision. They worked tirelessly to create an exhibit that found an imaginative balance between old and new school design esthetics without sacrificing space or going over budget. Planning for a trade show can be exhausting – but the reward of successfully exhibiting is well worth it, and Nimlok Minnesota helped us with that.”— Brandon Anderson, President, Von Ruden Manufacturing

Case Studies


Client: Comet USA

Andrew Montan, Marketing Director at Comet USA, talks about working with Nimlok Minnesota.

Client Needs:

Comet USA is an American distributor for the Italian high pressure plunger pump manufacturer, Comet Spa. Comet USA specializes in high pressure plunger pump applications ranging from consumer markets up to commercial and industrial markets.

“The reason we chose Nimlok Minnesota is because they are professional and very easy to work with. They focused on our needs and gave us multiple concepts to use and improve on.”— Andrew Montan, Marketing Coordinator, Comet USA

Comet USA planned to exhibit at multiple shows throughout the year and needed a budget-friendly modular exhibit solution that would help increase global brand presence and illustrate capabilities to prospects on the show floor.

Nimlok Minnesota’s Solution:

Comet USA collaborated with expert Nimlok dealer, Nimlok Minnesota, to design an impressive 20’ x 20’ island exhibit that could be modified to fit a 10’ x 20’ inline space.

The 20’ x 20’ configuration made use of an exhibit-spanning fabric banner decorated with Comet USA’s logo which helped to increase global brand presence on the trade show floor. Comet USA’s staff took advantage of the exhibit’s open layout to consult with attendees, educating them on products and capabilities.

The 10’ x 20’ layout scaled-down the exhibit without sacrificing branding or product education opportunities. A fabric graphic backwall displayed product imagery to communicate brand messaging and capabilities effectively to visitors in a friendly and inviting environment.

By having a modular exhibit solution, Comet USA was able to reduce their exhibiting costs while maintaining a robust trade show program that allowed for flexibility in both design and event selection.

Client: St. Mary’s Press

Client Needs:

St. Mary’s Press, a leading publisher of Catholic children’s literature, sought to wow its visitors by artfully displaying its books on the trade show floor in a creative and educational way.

St. Mary’s Press partnered with Nimlok Minnesota, who designed a large-scale 20’ x 60’ exhibit that impressed and engaged visitors through tasteful and creative product displays.

Nimlok Minnesota’s Solution:

Custom-built bookshelves helped St. Mary’s Press showcase its full-line of Catholic children’s Bibles and literature, while a larger-than-life replica of their signature children’s Bible sat prominently in the foreground of the exhibit. The replica children’s Bible was designed with turnable pages, allowing attendees to engage physically with the product display and helping further invoke excitement and inspiration among visitors.

The large children’s Bible was so successful at engaging visitors that St. Mary’s Press made plans to use the structure in all face-to-face events moving forward.

Unique product displays helped St. Mary’s Press wow and engage audiences and sell its products in a memorable and creative way.

Client: Winfield

Client Needs:

Winfield provides pest-control, plant nutrition, turf and agriculture services and products to markets in the United States, Canada and Mexico. For the annual Farm Progress show, Winfield wanted to use games to engage and educate attendees to create awareness of their products and brand.

Winfield partnered with Nimlok Minnesota to create a lush green branded environment that reflected Winfield’s brand image.

Nimlok Minnesota’s Solution:

The exhibit featured product education kiosks and interspersed “backyard games” such as a putting green and Cornhole. Both perfectly represented Winfield’s expertise in agriculture and turf-related products.

Staying true to their brand, Winfield engaged visitors in a relaxed manner, making it easier for staff to consult, build relationships and sell products. As a result, Winfield increased the time visitors spent inside its exhibit space when compared to other face-to-face event tactics.