Our clients are renting and raving about us

When you’re not a trade show regular, investing in your own display booth may not be part of your business plan. But don’t worry: You’ve got options.

You can choose from custom rental exhibits designed by expert designers, as well as convenient, off-the-shelf kits. We’ll help you find the trade show display solution that’s right for you. Exhibitors can even choose custom rental solutions to add to their current exhibit assets. Renting lets them expand the current exhibit without extra storage or maintenance costs.

Why rent?

It’s cost-effective. When you rent a trade show exhibit, you purchase only the graphics that are created just for you. The structure itself is rented for the show. The cost can be lower than purchasing a trade show display booth outright—roughly a third the cost of purchasing.

It helps you make a big first impression. For the same amount of money as purchasing a smaller display booth, your company may be able to rent a huge display booth and do more fun and creative things. (Of course, we’ll help supply the exhibit design ideas and inspiration.) The result? Potential clients are going to be very impressed.

It’s convenient. Renting a trade show exhibit can be easier because you’ll just turn things back in to us at the end of the show. You won’t have to worry about storage or maintenance of the booth itself,.

Your boss will like us. Many people find that the internal approval process can be easier when they are renting trade show exhibit displays instead of buying them.

so what do you think?

If you’re thinking about renting, give us a call at 651.647.0598, contact us online or stop by our showroom on Energy Park Drive in Saint Paul.