You’ve got enough to do—let us handle the hard stuff

You’ll be focused on generating leads and measuring marketing impressions, and you might need some additional support. That’s where we come in.

At nimlok minnesota, we offer a full range of trade show exhibit services to make your job easier. Here’s what we can do:

  • Prepare and ship your exhibit: We get your booth out of storage, clean it and put it together in our warehouse. Then we’ll take a look at it. If anything is broken, we’ll fix it. If anything needs to be upgraded or updated, we can do that, too. We’ll then take everything apart and repack it with easy-to-follow instructions for you. We’ll arrange shipping to and from the show. When the show is over and the exhibit comes back, we’ll inspect for damage and put things away neatly.
  • Store your exhibit securely: Need a place to keep your exhibit between trade shows? We can help. nimlok minnesota has a 52,000 square foot warehouse with a full-time staff. (That’s a much better plan than the break room.)
  • Travel to your trade show and help with your exhibit: Sometimes you just need a bigger team. We can help with that too. nimlok minnesota can match you with a highly-trained supervisor who will travel to your trade show site and guide you through everything: the planning, installation and removal of your exhibit.
  • Manage everything else: And when you really need a bigger team, we have people for that, too. We also offer Concierge Level Show Management. We’ll start by meeting with you to learn your event details. Then we’ll take it from there, completely handling everything related to the trade show exhibit. Will you be sitting around sipping on a fruity cocktail? Probably not. But you will have time to focus on what really matters to your business: winning over potential customers.

questions about what we can do for you?

If you’re wondering about the services we offer, feel free to give us a call at 651.647.0598 or contact us online. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help.