About nimlok minnesota

nimlok minnesota was founded in the 1970s, but our unique name isn’t from some crazy disco dance beat. We are an independent nimlok partner – a privately-owned, locally-owned company that is known for creating top-quality trade show displays, booths and exhibits.

For decades, we have brought these top-quality trade show environments to businesses throughout Minnesota and the United States. We offer a wide range of trade show booth options, a client list that spans countless industries, and unrivaled customer satisfaction levels. But don’t worry. We haven’t let it go to our heads. We remain firmly grounded in Minnesota with one important focus: creating trade show exhibits that get our customers noticed for all the right reasons.

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“Our company went through a merger and we needed a rebranded exhibit with additional features to better accommodate our growing needs. Nimlok Minnesota was up to the challenge, and what they were able to do for us was nothing short of amazing.” — Rhonda Hess, Cogentix Medical

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Everybody Hates Budgeting

Joe Greeley here for Nimlok Minnesota. Budgets and money.  Ooooh!  When you hear those words, gives you a little heebie jeebies, doesn’t it? Huh?  What does it make you think of?  For me, federal government and budgeting.  Oh, man.  Also, I think of my childhood.  What did our parents used to say? “It’s not polite […]

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